2. Create ALB & other resources

Click on Launch Stack to launch the CloudFormation template for DualStack WebServer.

File name Purpose Quick Launch
net207-ipv6module2.yaml This template creates all necessary resources required for a dual-stack ELB module in Default VPC. Launch Stack in us-east-1

Steps to follow:

  • Ensure the region is same as directed by instructor
  • Click on the above button to Launch the stack in AWS CloudFormation
  • Accept the defaults and click on “Next”
  • Review the name of the stack and select “Default” VPC & all the Subnets in Parameters and press “Next”
  • Accept defaults on the next page and press “Next”
  • At the bottom of the final page - Acknowledge the IAM resources warnning & click on “Create Stack”
  • Once the AWS CloudFormation template is completely deployed, switch to EC2 and choose Load Balancer under Load Balancing from left.
  • In Load Balancer, look for Application Load Balancer which was created in previous steps.
  • Review the ALB state & DNS Name before moving to next step of testing connectivity :